MPs are to be blamed on increased fuel prices, very greedy!

On fuel prices, we blame two Institutions:


The first person to blame is your MP. No tax is charged by KRA without Parliament giving a go ahead.

If your MP , no matter the Political pursuasion start making noise about the hike, ask him/her whether he wasn’t the person who passed punitive taxation measures on fuel in parliament.

✓ EPRA :

Was formed to protect the consumer of fuel from exploitation by oil cartels in Kenya. But seemingly, EPRA is now doing the bidding of cartels in the oil industry.

When prices plummet by a big margin in the international markets, EPRA does not follow suit to drop prices, with incoherent arguments about old stocks and what have you. Those old stocks never run out. But wait until prices in the international markets go up with few dollars, EPRA runs helter skelter to adjust fuel prices upwards, notwithstanding that what oil marketers are selling is old stock bought at lower prices.


Wheelbarrow gang, before you start throwing broadsides against the president, remember he does not sit in parliament. Ask your MP why a litre of fuel which lands in Ke at ksh.50 ends up selling at ksh.120 at the pump! TAXATION MEASURES ARE PASSED BY PARLIAMENT.

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