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Kenya Films and Classifications Board Boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has today opined that wealthy people should not fundraise to foot hospital or funeral bills. Mutua claims that wealthy people in big positions of power should avoid holding the fund drives at all costs. The self-proclaimed moral police advised the wealthy people to pay for the bills since they are abled to cater for them rather than transferring the burden to relatives and friends.

“My friend Donald Kipkorir has raised a very important issue about fund-raising. Why do wealthy people in big position of power hold fundraisers for personal or family related needs when they can finance the same? If God has blessed you pls avoid this. There’s no dignity in such!” read his tweet.

The moral police was reacting after city lawyer Donald Kipkorir posed a question to his followers on why rich people still opt for fundraisers when tragedy strikes them. Kipkorir wondered why Kenyans have the appetite of holding the fund drives even when they are able to foot for the bills.

“What I never understand: Kenyans even the rich, fundraise to bury their relatives .. You find a family has siblings in executive positions & still call for public Fundraisings to bury their kin. As my friend Ezekiel Mutua says, most of us are corrupt but lack the opportunity,” the lawyer posed.

In his response to the tweet by the flamboyant lawyer, Ezekiel Mutua revealed that he made a vow to God that when He blesses him, he will never fundraise for himself or family when he has the ability to meet the need. The KFCB boss further revealed that for a span of 20 years, he has never fundraised for anything personal or family. He made it clear that only fundraises for community projects and in rare cases.

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