Biden to speak on new ‘use it or lose it’ vaccine distribution strategy – live

7.04pm BST

Joe Biden is setting a new vaccination goal to deliver at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine to 70% of US adults by the Fourth of July, independence day, the White House has just said.

The new goal, which also includes fully vaccinating 160 million adults by July 4, comes as demand for vaccines has dropped off markedly nationwide, with some states leaving more than half their vaccine doses unordered.

Biden will call for states to make vaccines available on a walk-in basis and will direct many pharmacies to do the same.

6.53pm BST

The US top public health official, Anthony Fauci, is steering the American public away from the idea of “herd immunity” against the coronavirus, as an official goal or a signal the pandemic is over.

Fauci, along with other members of the White House coronavirus team, under both this regime and the Trump administration, regularly talk to state governors and he’s now called herd immunity (the point when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections) an elusive concept.

On call w/govs, Dr Fauci seemed to downplay notion of herd immunity, calling it “an elusive concept of a number” per @KFaulders @AnneKFlaherty

I asked @PressSec if herd immunity is no longer WH goal

Psaki: “We will leave the definition of that to our health & medical experts.”

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