Occasions when Hon. Kalonzo betrayed PM Raila, watermelon to the core

Junior Kiokoh opines

An insight about Kalonzo Musyoka.

In 2007, Kalonzo betrayed Raila, used Daniel Maanzo to run away with ODM Kenya certificate, he was “sponsored” by the state to run for president just to split votes.
At the time Ida Odinga was requesting Late Lucy Kibaki to clear from statehouse, Kalonzo was appointed as vice President by Kibaki just to increase numbers for Kibaki in Parliament.

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Fast forward, in 2013, again we experienced alot of turbulence in CORD, many are times we wondered who was leaking info, esp Raos itenary to the state, sijasema mtu…

In 2017, NASA died a natural death when Raila was sworn in as peoples president, Kalonzo and colleagues planned with state machinery how police would surround their houses to hoodwink the public of their inability to attend swearing in.

Wetangula wachaneni na story yake.

Raila is not only a schemer but a fighter,

We cannot have 3 lazy politicians enjoying political lifeline by threatening to run for presidency.

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In 2007 Kalonzo was at his political peak, he only garnered 790k votes countrywide. His popularity has drastically dropped leaving him with less than 10mps, 2 senators, 0 governors.

In 2013 Madvd was at his political peak he garnered 320k votes countrywide..kura ya mululu peke yake. He has never been popular ata Mp wake ni wa Jubilee.

They are still being used by state, the political book they are reading today was written by the Peoples President.

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