Dynasties will rule for a long time

For having a known father, who served as PC, MP, Senator and minister, you will become a senator, even if you don’t want to be one

If your father was a cook or a folk lift operator in town, becoming even a mukasa of your village, is a dream you will never achieve, even in dreams

Abdulkadir Haji’s other known achievements that made him senator, in fact unopposed, was the bravery with which he entered the Wastgate Mall to help save lives when the mall was under siege by terrorists. Luckily he had a gun

I think I should also be walking around with my panga, just in case I get an opportunity to showcase my bravery, so that in future when the sumo wrestler we have for a senator does something to the bucket, I also get elected unopposed. Ama?

Or it is the hyena which will come for me, as a Swahili sage opined that “bahati ya mwenzio usilalie mlango wazi”, warning that if you leave your door open, to benefit from your neighbour’s luck, none will come and instead it is a hyena who will come to make you a meal

Great evening my fellow Southerners!!

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