Blogger Dennis Itumbi spills the beans on why DP Ruto is opposing BBI, greed!

Dennis Itumbi has spilled the beans.

Tanga Tanga led by William Ruto is against BBI because they THINK that they will win the presidency. And ONCE they win power, they’ll have little money left at the top (to steal).

Because, BBI proposes atkeast 35% to be cascaded down to the counties and wards.

Just like we have been saying, these funny questions they are asking like “Where the money will come from” are just a smokescreen to hide their intention to leave as much money with the National Government so that they can get enough to loot..

(I have no idea why they are putting the cart before the horse. They will be in Opposition come 2022)

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Without money lying idle with Ministries, there’s nothing to loot for fat cats and wheeler dealers.

If the ksh.300B that’s looted annually in government inapatikananga, even this one for 35% itapatikana.

BBI must pass!



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