Australia news live: authorities to consider EU advice on AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and blood clots; changes to Sex Discrimination Act to cover MPs | Australia news

I think we need to maintain a perspective on these issues and that’s what I’m sure Atagi will do over the course of today. I mean, you will have already been aware through other experts that have been in the media today putting in context the type of risk that needs to be managed here.

Let’s note that in the UK, the advice is that some 6,000 people’s lives have already been saved by this very vaccine. So we need to consider the positive benefits of them.

But what we’re looking at here is an incidence of this clotting behaviour of some one-to-five in every million.

To put that in some sort of perspective: the combined oral contraceptive pill, that can include adverse side effects of venous thromboembolism [a type of blood clotting], that’s seven to 10 [cases] per 10,000. So one to five per million to seven to 10 per 10 thousand.

Equally, a commonly used antibiotic, Amoxicillin, has a clinically serious hypersensitivity in skin reaction, that’s 1-in-10 per 10,000.

Even when you go to something as commonplace as Paracetamol, although rare, a known adverse reaction with Paracetamol products including an increased level of liver enzymes and severely lowered white blood cell count and occurs with a frequency of 1-in-10 per 10,000.

We’re dealing with something that impacts people to the tune of 1-to-5 per million and so what Atagi will be doing is they’ll be looking at that evidence and they, of course, will be weighing that against the very positive benefits of the vaccine program and then they’ll be providing further advice.

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